Terms of Service


Thank you for choosing our games and related services!


Before installing our games or using related services, you should read all terms in “User License Agreement” (The “Agreement”) carefully. All clauses in this Agreement are legally between you and Beijing Zork entertainment Technology Co., Ltd  (“us” or “we” or “our” or “Zork”). You should carefully read this Agreement (Terms of Service) and agree that all the following terms and conditions you have understood completely. Please note that Zork reserves the right that to disclaimer or limit liability in particular instance (the “Exemption Clauses”); that to impose restrictions on user rights (the “Restrictions”), that to enact the terms of Disputation Resolution and Jurisdiction, and to apply an agreement for particular service exclusively.


The Exemption Clauses, Restrictions and Disputation Resolution and Jurisdiction will be presented in bold, unique colored or another reasonable way to remind you, including, but not limited the clauses of Sections 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13 shall survive termination of this Agreement for any reason. If you confirm, you agree to accept these terms. Please make sure that you have acknowledged and agreed to all of these terms before you install our games or use related services.

Both parties should acknowledge and agree this Agreement has its legality and validity.


If you do not agree to the Terms of this Agreement, you are not permitted to install, register, or use the platforms or related services. You will be regarded as to agree on this Agreement if you do the following action: Click the button of “Agree,” “Accept” or “Next Step,” register or use our related services.


If you are under the age of 18, then you represent that your parents or your legal guardian have reviewed and agreed to these Terms in this Agreement.


Zork reserves the right to amend, change, modify, expand, or remove portions of the terms in this Agreement at any time. You will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use any of the terms in this Agreement. If at any point you do not agree to any changes of the current version of the Terms or any related codes or rules to your services, then you must cease your use of the services, and your relevant license to use the Services will be immediately terminated.

1. Definition

If there is no individual instruction, the following terms in this Agreement will be:

1.1 Developer: Zork Platform (“Developer” or “Our Platform”)


1.2 Application: which is refer to the applications that produced by developers who are legally authorized by relevant rights to provide various services to the users that including but without limiting the further services that will be appeared in the future (This term will be called “Application” or “Online Game” in the following content).


1.3 Terms of Agreement: This Agreement contains its main body and related amended editions, game rules alongside with its relating amended versions.


1.4 Game Rules: Our Platform reserve the right to release and amend some changes of Customers Regulations, Player Rules, Game Announcements, Tips and Notifications related to the applications or online-games at any time.


1.5 You: “Player” or “User,” which refer to the natural person who accepts or use our services.

2. Intellectual Property

This application and related service are authorized legally by developers or the relevant people who reserve the legal rights to operate, which is protected by the laws regulations on intellectual property protection in USA, International Copyright Treaty and other Intellectual Property and relating clauses.


3. Service Content

3.1 The Services are available for use only by authorized end users following the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. Our platform provides users an inalienability and non-exclusiveness license to use our services, including:


3.1.1 Accept, download, install, start, update, register, display and operate this application;


3.12 Create game characters in the game, set the role name; check game rules, user profile, game match results, open game room, use chat function, social sharing function;


3.1.3 Use one or more other features that the game supports and allows.


3.2 The specific content of our services is provided by us according to the actual situation. We reserve the right to change, discontinue or terminate some or all services at any time.


3.3 When providing services, we may charge a certain fee to users of some services (such as online games and other telecom value-added services). In this case, we will make a clear reminder on the relevant page. If you do not agree to pay the fees, you are giving up the relevant services.


3.4 Users should use legitimate software to receive services.

4. User Accounts

4.1 Register account

4.1.1 To use this application, the users must register an account through the “real ID system” within the authentic name. To register an account, you may need to create a user account with your necessary personal information, including your authentic name and valid ID, passport number or Military Certificate number. Users shall guarantee that the information provided is authentic, completed, and correct, and prepare to assume the relevant legal responsibility for the information provided by the law and all the terms provided of this agreement.


4.1.2 The name and ID card, passport, and military ID number entered by the users are corresponding with their documents as the only valid identification of the user; when the user cannot prove their identity, we have the right to refuse to provide any information or assume any obligation.


4.1.3 The users shall acknowledge and understand completely:

Our platform will apply the user’s information for registering into the anti-addiction system according to the relevant requirements of the state. That is, our platform may judge the users who have been 18-year-old or not that according to the user’s real-name registration system, and to determine which account will be restricted within anti-addiction. At the meanwhile, to protect the legitimate interest and physical and mental health of players when users use our services, our platform has right to set different level of anti-addiction and reminders according to the combination of different types and topics of this game to alert users through the appropriate way.


4.2 Accounts use

The users cannot present in following behaviors when use our services:

4.2.1 Delete all the relevant information relating the brand, copyright, and other rights of the application and its corresponding counterpart.


4.2.2 Attempt to do reverse engineer, disassemble and decompile on this application.


4.2.3 About the relevant information of this application, without developers’ express written consent,  people do not have the right to do the following action, including, but not limited to, by attempting to use, copy, modify, link, transfer, assemble, publish, display, mirror or frame the website to develop derivative products within this application.


4.2.4 Attempt to use this application to publish, disseminate and store content that infringes on the national security, social stability, public order, social morality, or to advocate gamble, abuse, slander, bawdy, or any sexual connotation and offensive content that against national laws, regulations and policies to make any uneasiness to the others, or set the net name, role-name containing the above details by any means.


4.2.5 Attempt to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, such as intellectual property rights, trade secret rights, portrait rights, and privacy by use of this application and related services.


4.2.6 Conduct any actions that to infringe computer network security, including, but not limited to: use of unlicensed data or access to unauthorized servers/accounts; access to public computer networks or other computer systems to delete, modify or expand stored information without permission; attempts to probe, scan, test the weaknesses of the application, network or other actions that undermine network security, without permission; attempt to engage in acts of interfering with or disrupt the regular operation of the app or website, intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses and other disruptive interference of the network information service; forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any way to send altered, deceptive or false source-identifying information.


4.2.7 Conduct any actions that to infringe game-fairness or other behaviors that affect the routine order of the application, such as gaining game coins in illegal way, illegally creating accounts, partnership cheating or use other cheating software, BUG ( which means “defects” or “weakness”) to access benefits illegally, or use the Internet or other means to make plug-ins, cheating apps and public BUG.


4.2.8 engage in acts of dealing with any unsolicited or unauthorized game accounts, game currency, or operating any illegal business behavior such as promoting commodities, advertising, or other forms of solicitation in private.


4.2.9 engage in any conduct intended to any behavior unrelated to the application through the services provided by the developer, including, but not limited to any other way to promote other apps or games by sending game coins, gifts, etc.; inviting and inducting other players to give up, stop using this application; or any other actions that will damage its trademark or regular order in this game.


4.2.10 attempt to publish any fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive information by pretending to be the developers, application service administrators, app form administrators or moderators.


4.2.11 engage in any conduct that infringes the public order in malicious screening, maliciously forcing players to leave the game out, or maliciously time-consuming.


4.2.12 engage in acts or attempts to abuse, harm harass, and violence towards another person or illegally collect information through our service system by any means.


4.2.13 Use our service system to carry out any actions that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or any behavior that is not conducive to us.


4.3 Protection of user’s account

4.3.1 We reserves the right to review identity information provided by the user registered is true or not and have responsibility to guarantee the security and effectiveness of the user account by actively adopting reasonable measures in technology and management. Users are obliged to keep their accounts and passwords properly and use their accounts and passwords correctly and securely. If any party fails to perform the above obligations resulting in the loss of the account password, the account is stolen, etc., and the civil rights of the user and others are damaged, the legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne.


4.3.2 We has the rights and responsibilities for the actions of the account held after login. If there is any third direction, we gives instructions, in the case of confirming that the account and password information is accurate, as long as the user agrees,  we has the right to consider that we have obtained the user’s full authorization, and the consequences are all caused by the users.


4.3.3 If the user finds that the account or password has been illegally used by others or has abnormal use, please notify us immediately and have the right to inform us to suspend the login and use of the account, but the user should provide the application, and valid identity information the users submits should keep consistent with their registered identity information. If we verify that the personal valid identity information provided by the user is consistent with the registered identity information, we shall take timely measures to suspend the login and use of the user account. Our platform reserves the rights to refuse the user’s demand mentioned when users cannot provide the individual valid ID or other certificate that can be proved are not conform to the information when you register.


4.4 User account services

We have the right to provide game-rules descriptions, bug or plug-in complaints, game item retrievals, game items locked or unlocked, customer appeals or other customer services to the players through on-line game official website, customer service call and game administrators, etc. Users should:


4.4.1 Understand the content, requirements and fees of these customer services through the official website of our customer service or other channels provided by our platform. Users shall consider carefully whether to choose and accept the corresponding customer services or not, and truly express the demand to us:


4.4.2 Agree and accept all the terms related to the exclusive agreement or clauses of the customer services;


4.4.3 Provide individual information, game conditions, and other users’ information, including valid personal identification to us according to the specific requirements. Such as user’s account and related individual information, login status of online games, the state of game items, BUGs, plug-in reports and other players known to users in online games use BUG or plug-ins.


4.5 Our platform reserve rights to stop the right of using this account if your account was regarded as stolen.


4.6 We will not assume the responsibility for that if the others illegally use the account or password due to the user's reasons. The user's responsibilities, including, but are not limited to, arbitrarily disclose the account number and password and all registration materials to the third party; multiple people share the same account; install illegal or unclear programs.

5. Privacy policies and information protected

5.1 Respect for the privacy of the user’s private information is the principle of this application and related services. Developers should adopt appropriate measures to protect the user’s privacy. The user’s private information should not be disclosed to any other party without the permission of users, except for the legal reasons, or some legal authority of government departments requested or otherwise consented by the users individually.


5.2 User’s information protection

5.2.1 Developers shall inform the privacy protection policies and personal information utilization policies to users in advance when requesting users to provide relevant information about their secret identities, and they should take necessary measures to protect the security of users’ data. 


5.2.2 Without permission, developers, do not have the right to provide, disclose, or share users’ name, valid personal identification numbers, contact information, home address or other private details of users’ account registered. Except in the following conditions:

A. Users or legal guardian of users to empower the right for disclosing information by the developers;

B. Information required by law to be published by developers;

C. Information provided by the judiciary or administrative agency based on legal procedures

D. When a developer files a lawsuit or arbitration against a user to protect his or her legitimate rights and interests;

E. When providing personally identifiable information to users by the legal requirements of the user’s guardian.

6. Ownership

6.1 All rights, title and interest in and to the Services (including, without limitation, any subtitles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, documentation, in-game chat transcripts, methods of operation, moral rights, character profile information, virtual items, recordings of games played using a Zork game client and the Zork game clients and server software) are owned solely by Zork. Zork reserves all rights, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights in connection with its games and the Services.


6.2 No one may copy, de-compile, disassemble any function or program without the authorization of we, and may not reverse engineer any service and/or application.


6.3 The Users hereby agree and acknowledge that the User Account Data and all other relevant information, including but not limited to personal information provided by the User, Game Characters and Virtual Items in the Account (except as otherwise agreed, the "Virtual Items" referred to in this clause" Including but not limited to in-game virtual currency, game gold coins, props, equipment, materials, etc.), are owned by us. We grant users the right to use it according to this agreement. We have the right to dispose of the user account data and all other relevant information. Users should follow the requirements of this agreement and the specific rules of the game when purchasing and using the aforementioned virtual items; At the same time, such virtual objects may be subject to a certain period of validity. Even if the user doesn’t use it within the specified validity period, in addition to the force majeure or the reasons attributable to us, once the validity period expires, it will automatically become invalid.


6.4 We may involve third-party intellectual property rights, and such third parties shall comply with the requirements of users for the use of such intellectual property rights in us based on this agreement.


6.5 Given the particularity of the Internet, users must comply with the laws and regulations which is according to the relevant countries and regions as well as the related international intellectual property rights when posting on the company's website and various official forums, posting information or using our services.

7. Suspension and Termination of Services

7.1 Suspension of Services


7.1 The user hereby agrees and confirms that when one of the following acts occurs, we have the right to suspend some or all of the services for the users and to freeze the account number:


7.1.1 Provide false registration information;


7.1.2 Conduct illegal actions against this Agreement;


We reserve the right to stop offering and/or supporting the Services, including, but not limited to, any particular game or part of the Services at any time, at which point your license to use the Services or a part thereof will be automatically terminated. In such event, we shall inform users the duration of termination, which is reasonable. After the expiration of the suspension, we shall promptly resume the services to the users. However, when the suspension period expires, if the user's default status still exists, we reserve the right to extend the period of suspension of service.


7.1.3 The account data of the user's game characters, game props, game equipment, and game currency may be abnormal due to game software bugs, version update defects, third-party virus attacks, or any other factors; We is obliged to figure out the reasons for suspension when the situation of 7.1.3 happens. In this event, we shall not be required to assume any responsibilities for the users and have the right to restore the game account to the state before the abnormality, if we found that the abnormal data are out of normal behavior.


7.1.4 Users conduct any actions that infringe the rights or benefits of the third-party.


7.2 Termination of Services


We reserve the rights to terminate the service for the users and delete the account if you implemented one of the following actions that have acknowledged:


7.2.1 Engage in action of harassing, disturbing, deceiving other users in public, or publish, post illegal information to violate social morality.


7.2.2 Behaviors of violating seriously the social morality and other related violations that the laws prohibited.


7.2.3 Attempt to use our services or participate in our activities through the illegal, improper and other unfair means, including, but not limited to participate in game competitions or to use different game services by using more than one account under the same IP address.


7.2.4 Attempt to interfere with us to provide products and services normally, including, but not limited to attack, invade into our website server, game server of the client program, or make website sever overload.


7.2.5 Crack and modify the client program provided by us;

7.2.6 Produce, publish, disseminate or use subsidiary tool or program (plug-in) by any means attempt to interfere with the fairness of the game.


7.2.7 Use program bugs and defects attempt to spoil the normal game operation or disseminate these Bugs and defects in public.


7.2.8 Engage actions of sending, transferring virtual goods, coins, or game credits.


7.2.9 Online purchase or sale virtual items such as game coins, game items through our unofficial channels (including any individual or unit) or non-designated agents (including any individual or unit).


7.2.10 We reserves the right to terminate, delete or limit accounts who have not to use the services provided by us for over 180 consecutive days (calculated from the date of the user’s last use of this service). Such actions may result in the loss of your account, including but not limited to your registration information, rankings, game-role information, items, and all relevant details to this account. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any benefits and loss incurred, and there is under no obligation to compensate you for any of this.


7.2.11 Engage the acts that unreasonably disrupt the services or any other person’s use, or enjoyment of the service or interests provided by us.


7.3 Users hereby shall acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to stop providing the services and deal with such accounts who has violated provisions of 7.2.8 and 7.2.9. For the serious one, we even have right to report the severe cases to the public security and to do a proper investigation (including but not limited to users, the third parties were involved in the illegal transactions).


7.4 Notwithstanding any provision to the contract herein, you also acknowledge and agree that your account data, information, rights, and interests would be removed when we do such actions of freezing, terminating, removing user’s account, which is according to this Agreement. In such events, the users will hold responsible for such loss, and there is no obligation for we to compensate for any of this.


7.5 To maintain and guarantee the fairness when people playing our games, we reserve the rights to do the measures of publishing services notifications timelessly according to this Agreement after we have found users’ data is abnormal, regardless of the users has responsible for this fault. In such actions, including, but not limited to freeze, terminate, suspend, delete this account; users shall acknowledge and agree with such above actions we can do, and promises not to request any compensation or refund for any reason.

8. Services interruption and stop

8.1 To maintain and guarantee the normal operation of the website, users shall acknowledge and understand that we have right to stop the website for whatever regular basis or not. We promise that we will notify you as much as possible when such above situations happen. Therefore, please understand for such actions that may cause the interruption and stop of normal service.


8.2 We reserves the right to stop or cease to provide services when following such cases happen. Users herein shall acknowledge and agree that not to request any obligations to us that may cause stop or terminate the rights of using services, and there is no under obligation for we to compensate any for this.


8.2.1 Check, inspect or update hard-wares and soft-wares regularly.


8.2.2 Severs were suffered from damage and cannot work properly.


8.2.3 Sudden failure of hardware and software, and electronic communication equipment.


8.2.4 Failure of network provider that cannot provide services.


8.2.5 To protect national security, other members, or the third-parts’ security in emergency situation.


8.2.6 Force majeure and the reason of the third-part that cause we cannot provide services.


8.2.7 Requirements of relevant government institution.


8.3 Users herein shall acknowledge and confirm that: in the event of a termination of this Agreement, any right you may have to access or virtual goods (including, but not limited to virtual coins, game coins, items, equipment, materials and etc. ) are forfeit, and you should agree that such things are valid only during in this service operation period, and you are not entitled to any forms that return these items to us for any reason when the service has stopped.

9. Special notification

9.1 The users shall acknowledge and agree that we reserves the rights to move the users of the same application that exist on different servers to the same server for consolidation (which refers to as “combination”) that according to the requirement of our actual operation and cost for this application. After this action, user’s account information and data are still valid, and users with this shall acknowledge and agree any reasonable changes that lead by such combination (including but without any rankings reasonably changed of this game). In such event of termination of this Agreement, users shall agree that we choose to cease providing part of or all of the services and provide you with no less than 60 days prior notice, and who also should hold a clear understanding that not to request any compensation whatever the direct loss or not will be on yourselves and the third-parties that relating to the rights have mentioned, and voluntarily assume any obligation for any reason.


9.2 According to the laws and regulations, users shall fully acknowledge and agree that we have the right to limit the number of wins of losses per game, daily game coins, game credits, or other game items, and remind users through a proper way.


9.3 The user hereby promises to obtain virtual currency, game props, game equipment, etc. related to online games only through our official channels or their authorized official channels, and any purchase or acceptance through our unofficial channels or unauthorized official channels. If the gift or other price is obtained in the above game, the user shall bear the corresponding risks, and the acts will be regarded as serious breach of contract and violation of laws and regulations. We not only has the right to prohibit the use of game items in the application, but also have the right to immediately suspend, terminate the service and delete the account without any liability; and for the serious circumstances involved; we also have the right to the relevant parties (including the user and any transaction with it). The three parties shall be handed over to the public security organ at the place where we is located to investigate all the legal liabilities of the relevant parties (including the users and any third parties involved in the transaction).


9.4 The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that any act of trading virtual currency and virtual props with other users or any third party outside of the application or outside the application will be considered a serious breach of contract and illegal activities. We not only has the right to prohibit that the item is used normally in the application, but also has the right to immediately perform the middle, the end of service and the deletion of the account without any liability; and for the serious circumstances involved, we also have the right to hand over the relevant parties. The public security organ at the location of we handle all legal liabilities of the relevant parties (including the users and any third parties with whom they deal).


9.5 The user hereby confirms and agrees that the measures taken by us due to the user’s behaviors in violation of laws, regulations or agreements may not affect the interaction of the user's game account with other game users in accordance with the relevant game rules, and the above measures may result in the expiration of the props and equipment under the account item currently used by user due to the expiration of the period of use of the above-mentioned measures, and the loss to the user may be borne by the user. That is, the duration of the above measures taken by us is calculated during the period of use of the game props and game equipment with the expiration date; after the execution of these measures is terminated, the use period of the game props and game equipment will not be renewed.


9.6 The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the game items sold in the online games and/or their affiliated malls are not marked with a term of use, or that the games whose use period is "Permanent", "Indefinite" or "Unlimited", the item only refers to the indefinite period of use during the operation of the online game, and the period of use is from the date the user obtains the item of the game until the end of the operation of the online game (for any reason, the termination of the operation). Once the agreement is terminated or the online game is terminated due to various reasons, the user will not be able to continue using the game items.


9.7 The user hereby confirms and agrees that the relevant game data of the online game will occupy the server space of the online game, and retain all the game data generated by the user in the process of using and enjoying the online game product and service for a long time, and will be largely it is completely unnecessary to squeeze the server space, affect the game speed of users and other users, and increase the operating cost of us. Therefore, we will periodically transfer some of the past game data stored on the server or permanently delete it.


9.8 The user hereby confirms and agrees that the user's conduct in violation of relevant laws and regulations or this Agreement is an imminent and instantaneous disappearance. At present, we usually set a security program in the server software and/or client software, and the security program analyzes and judges the received game data transmitted from the mobile phone used by the user. If the game data is received in accordance with a number of analysis indicators set in advance in this security program, or if it meets one or more of the indicators set in the program multiple times, then we may judge that the user has violated relevant laws. The act of the regulation or this agreement. Of course, we may also adopt different methods to analyze and judge. However, no matter which methods we adopt to judge the violation of relevant laws and regulations or this agreement by users, the user's consent is based on the relevant data and judgment methods and standards provided by us. The user has no objection to this.


9.9 The user hereby confirms and agrees that the violation of relevant laws and regulations or this agreement by the user may be an instant moment that allows many users to know the behavior. If we do not take various measures immediately, it can cause very serious and very bad consequences. In this regard, the user is fully understood and fully agrees that we have the right to take relevant measures.


9.10 We commit to abide by the state's laws and policies on protecting the physical and mental health of young people and protect the physical and mental health of young people in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. Users should abide by the relevant national laws and regulations and the rules and regulations on the protection of adolescents' physical and mental health.


9.11 We reserves the right to take relevant measures and adopt one or more of the following measures are consented by uses when the person has violated the relating laws or regulations:


(1) Immediately disconnect the network connection between the user's current mobile phone and the online game server, the user must log in again to continue using the online game;


(2) Temporarily prohibit users from logging in to online games with the currently used account;


(3) Temporarily prohibit the user from using a certain online game character created under the currently used account item;


(4) Temporarily limit the activity range of a certain online game character under the current account item of the user to a specific game area;


(5) Temporarily prohibit the user from using a function that requires payment in the online game until the user pays the owed fee and the corresponding fee is paid in advance for continuing to use the above payment function;


(6) Reduce or clear the records of points, grades and/or honors of the account currently used by the user in the online game;


(7) Temporarily prohibit users from making any comments in online games with the currently used account;


(8) Permanently and irrevocably delete advertisements, false information or illegal statements posted by users, or take other measures to prevent their dissemination;


(9) Permanently and irrevocably delete game items such as virtual currency, game props and/or game equipment illegally obtained by the user, or return them to other original users who have obtained their right to use legal means;


(10) Permanently or irrevocably cancel or clear the records of points, grades, honors, etc. illegally obtained by the user;


(11) Permanently and irrevocably prohibit users from making any comments in online games with the currently used account;


(12) permanently and irrevocably delete all game props, game equipment, game coins, points, grades, honors and other materials and corresponding game data under the account item currently used by the user;


(13) Permanently and irrevocably prohibit the user from logging in to the online game by using the currently used account, and delete and clear all the game data, game coins, game props, game equipment and the like generated by the account in the online game;


(14) Take other measures than the above.


9.12 We have the right to take one or more of the above measures continuously, intermittently or alternately.


10. Risk and disclaimer

10.1 We do not accept any express or implied warranty for the services provided by us, and the stability, security, error and uninterrupted service provided by us may also be affected by the circumstances described in Article 8. The user shall bear all risks and possible damages caused by the use of the service, including but not limited to the use of the service to download the game or profile picture to our official website, resulting in the user or the computer system used by the user. Damage caused by the cause, or loss of any data, etc.


10.2 We does not guarantee that there will be no program bugs and will not be liable for any problems arising therefrom.


10.3 We does not guarantee our services provided that will satisfy each user’s requirement. And we also cannot promise that the services will not be interrupted, or that the service will be timely, safe, correct, or successfully transited.


10.4 Users shall acknowledge and agree that any risks of using our services will be entirely by themselves; all consequences arising from the use of our services are also borne by yourself, and we assume no responsibility to the users for any reason.


10.5 The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the services provided by us are provided to the User on an "as is" and "as available" basis and do not include any types of express or implied warranty ( This includes, but is not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and various possibilities arising from trading habits. We do not guarantee that users can access or use our services according to the time and place they choose. We do not guarantee that our services will not be interrupted or error-free, we will not guarantee that the defects will be corrected, and we will not guarantee that our services are free of viruses or other harmful elements.


10.6 The users hereby confirm and agree that there is an objective situation of non-interoperability between different operating systems. This objective situation is not caused by us, which may result in the user's recharge in one operating system and the game data cannot be smoothly transferred to another operation. In the system, due to the user's risk of recharge loss and game data loss caused by switching between different systems, the user shall bear the responsibility and shall not require any responsibility of us.


10.7 The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that the use of this application in connection with Internet services may be affected by instability in all aspects. Therefore, this application has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet user requirements caused by force majeure, mobile phone virus or hacker attack, system instability, user location, user shutdown, and any other technology, internet, communication line reasons.


10.8 The user hereby agrees and acknowledges that the use of this application includes any content that is threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal, or infringement of the rights of others (including intellectual property rights) from any other person. The risk of impersonation information is subject to the above risks, and the developer does not make any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implied, including all informational authenticity, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement. Implied warranties and conditions shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the user's improper or unlawful use of the application.


10.9 Users understand that this application, like most Internet products, is vulnerable to a variety of security issues, including but not limited to:


(1) The user improperly discloses the detailed personal data and is used by criminals to cause harassment in real life;


(2) The user is tricked to lost password;


(3) Other software downloaded and installed by users contains viruses such as “Trojan Horse”, which threatens the security of information and data on personal mobile phones, and then threatens the use of this application and services.


10.10 The opinions, suggestions, and other contents expressed by the users on the official website of the service are the individual opinions of themselves, which do not represent our opinions, as a result, users shall assume all consequences that raising from the legal disputes are not under our responsibility, and there is no obligation for us to compensate.


11. Obligation for Zork

11.1 Use the Internet to provide users with network services within the scope permitted by laws and regulations.


11.2 Obligate to keep confidentiality of user information in strict accordance with the provisions of this agreement.


11.3 According to the provisions of USA laws, verify whether the personal valid identity information provided by the user is consistent with the registered identity information. After verification, if the agreement is found to be consistent, the company shall provide the user with the necessary assistance such as the account registrant certificate and the original registration information. And support and provide relevant evidence and information to relevant administrative agencies and judicial organs as needed.


11.4 Commit to submit the types, prices, and total amount of online game virtual currency issuance to the relevant cultural administrative departments of Beijing for record.


11.5 Committed to engage in online game virtual currency issuers and online game virtual currency trading services at different times.


11.6 The use of virtual currency promised is limited to the redemption of online game products and services provided by itself, not for payment, purchase of physical objects or redemption of products and services of other units.


11.7 The purpose of guaranteeing the issuance of online game virtual currency is not to maliciously occupy the user's prepaid funds.


11.8 Commitment In each application, there is no human behavior or manipulation behavior, which is a random distribution behavior of the system.


12. Liquidated Damages

12.1 The User agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of us and other users. If the user violates any relevant laws, regulations or any terms of this Agreement, the Company, or its affiliates, servants, trustees, agents or / and other related performance supporters or any other third party for damages or expenses (including but not limited to litigation costs incurred by legal proceedings, administrative procedures, attorney fees, actual losses incurred, etc.), users The liability for damages should be borne.


12.2 We are not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, derivative damages or lost profits caused by the use of our services or the inability to use the Internet.


13. Supplementary Provisions

13.1 The interpretation, validity and resolution of this agreement shall apply to the laws of the mainland of USA.


13.2 In the event of any dispute or dispute arising from this Agreement, all parties shall settle it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the Court of the locality of us for litigation.


13.3 We reserve the right to interpret this Agreement to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


Updated March 26, 2020

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